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Name : JOan<
Age : Eighteen
Birthdate : 5th September 1990
Place : Toronto, Canada
School: Bayview Secondary School
Work : Mc Donald, Bayview - Part Time
Friendster : joan@apple.com

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Hobbies : On9-blog,msn,Playing Volleyball,watching tv,read anime comics....
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    Monday, December 31, 2007

    Title : Happy New Year 2008
    Happy New Year !!

    Just back from celebrating the new year in church.Well,I praise God that my resolutions had been answered.The resolutions are....
    1.Homecell and C.I.A(Christian In Action) to grow.
    2.Good Health
    3.Pay My tithes faithfully
    4.Serve God whole heartedly
    5.Always Have family author(improved)

    Thanks God thank He helped me

    So we wrote Resolutions for 2008.....

    BTW Happy Birthday To Joycelyn Neoh....
    May your wish come true on your birthday and this 2008 NEW YEAR

    - God Bless....# ;

    Sunday, December 30, 2007

    Title : About My Kai Mui

    Her name Meng Yan
    Well guys and gals I'm here to promote her blog and her too.Come checkout her blog and vote for her as youth search bloggers.She's single and available..come who ones to 'kau' this leng lui.
    Meng Yan
    She also got play sdo and O2jam...her nick in sdo is [RCN]Mianyang and O2jam i don't know....go view her blog then u guys will know.Don't forget to link o tag her ok.
    Lubb her muack..

    - God Bless....# ;

    Saturday, December 29, 2007

    Title : New Hairstyle

    Bock Cut Style

    Half bock cut and half long hair style


    I kinda like this pic

    Izit that lala...??comments pls

    The colour.....so orange

    Give me some comment which hair style suits me?and the colour...i still fell it i look lala....
    More pictures here joan@apple.com

    My new hairstyle...First of all my hair turn red instead of orange.I want orange a...i like that copper orange.heh sorry guys still no picture yet cause I haven't put it in the computer.Just be patient k.I just came back from church and so many people comment about my hairWell,today's message was 'Glorius church'.I'm so happy today so many people say it looks nice....Yaya thanks Erica I got you....You like it right?I know.I like it too but....so lala...some people comment my hair lala and tomboy so on....Ish..how dare he(Wyman)....
    Anyways....I still like bock cut style.Mine was half bock cut half long.Well...when I've upload my pic I'll post it here.Just wait guys...

    I just don't know why these days I like to play scrabble with my mom...and always wins me..ala..I give chance only...sounds familiar ? ?mun chun's word...mun chun if you are reading this....heh dun mind I curi your word ya
    My Christmas Dress...wee thanks mum thanks dad..love it

    - God Bless....# ;

    Title : My Dear

    Ain't she pretty

    pretty ler?

    My Dear(Cindy).
    I just chat with her in msn yesterday.I just love her and miss her so much.ehem..I'm not less ok.Just look at the pic isn't she pretty..too bad guys...she's mine...just kidding...she's 'owned'.She's so matured already now.Look at the way she dress "Dai gor lui jor".She's pretty,smart(smarter then me la of cause),tall(same height with me),thin(thinner then me),outgoing,funny(loves to joke around),blur(sometimes),loves to wear black.I persuaded her to blog but she say she'll think about it.I hope that she will blog cause I barely can c or chat with her.I don't even know what's going on in her life...and I call myself her 'Best Friend'.I just miss her so much.We barely even meet each other since we were in form 3 till now.There is a reason for me and her to be best friends together.I think God planned it and wants to use me to speak the Good New to her.I prayed for her everyday that she will accept christ as her personal savior.I don't one her to end up in HELL FIRE.I remembered when was the first time I meet her.She was transfered to my school when we were in form 2,in the same form,in the same class.She was the one that makes me laugh,make me feel comfortable to be with her, and make me feel who I am.Then when she transferred to another school in form 3.That 1 year was the Best Day in my life during school life.I just love being with her and also Nicole.We became best friends from taht onwards...but now we finally graduated(Thank God) and we need to walk in our own paths.We use to have the same dream together to be a 'MODEL'.But I think that model is not a job for me cause being a model must sacrifice our bodies to the 'World'.And God doesn't please with 'these sacrifices'.Then again I think for myself why would i want to give my body to the 'world' while I can do other things that pleases God.So I decided to be a hairstylist.I wanted to become a hairstylist is because of you CINDY.If one day I've accomplished my dream of becoming a hairstylist I will remember you(Cindy).You guys don't wanna know why.Well,it's not a secret...if I'm not mistaken....there's one time that I said I wanted to cut layered,so she said she will help me to cut with a 'Shaver'.What no way,you sure a.I said.Sure why cannot wo.So the next day we went to school and have my haircut in the school's toilet.(CINDY's SALOON).So as times go by I did many many experiment and cut my bro's and sis' hair.muhahahah.That is how I found myself liking this 'job'.I know I know many people(my dad) said that hairstylist is for those school leavers,people who don't like to study(hey that's me),and many bad people around.But if God is with me who can be against me right?I just don't know why these days I chat on msn and meet alot of friends that are school leavers,don't like to study,and bad people...guess what they are now either studying hair or is a hairstylist.But what do I care..I just need to do my best and archive to the highest.A job doesn't matter whether you are a bad person of school leavers or something.It matters that you did it well or did it badly.So lastly..Cindy if you are reading this...I just one to let you know no matter what you are still my best friend.I hope you will fell the same way too....Ciaoz...muack

    - God Bless....# ;

    Title : Bloggers Youth Search

    Here's me !!
    Come vote for me in this blur banner on d right
    Check out the website Youth Search

    For those bloggers come join and you may stand the chance to win this youth search.
    Thanks to meng yan mui for sending me this website to join this contest.
    I hope that she will win also.Lubb ya muii Muack

    - God Bless....# ;

    Thursday, December 27, 2007

    Title : Scrabble

    It's been a long time i didn't play Scrabble.Last night my family and I played Scrabble till 2pm.It's been so long we didn't play this kind of board game....guess who won....MY MOM.I'm the 3rd one...My elder sister lose to me Hahahah...Guess what we learn a new word..NERD.Well, it's not that new to us but the meaning in the dictionary is quite new to me.NERD means boring,stupid and feeble person.What's feeble anyway ??

    Today I went to THE COLOUR HAUS(my future school) to cut my hair with my mum.Guess what I decided to have a bock cut...Nah, I'm still thinking.But instead I have a Spike hair.Pic ?? Wait till I highlight my hair first then I'll show you guys some pic.This is the colour that i will highlight...but I don't know what will it turnout into.

    Copper Orange colour

    OMG, my hair turn into reddish colour instead of copper orange

    - God Bless....# ;

    Wednesday, December 26, 2007

    Title : Is Santa Real??

    Nope Santa doesn't exist in this world.Santa Claus is a story told by 'someone' for kids.ISanta is just a decoration in shopping malls.It all started with a man name St. Nicolas who likes to do charity.He loves to give but do not one anyone to knows about it.So there's one time that he's trying to help a poor family.So he decided to throw a bags full of money into the poor family's window.

    So that is how people created a fairy tale and name him SANTA CLAUS because of his generousity of giving.So thins christmas is about giving to the needy based on St. Nicolas' story.So now you guys know the truth about 'SANTA CLAUS'.We shall have a giving heart instead of receiving gifts things christmas.Besides this christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ the Saviour that came to earth to save us from our sins and gives us salvation,so that we can have eternal life in heaven.
    And Merry Christmas not Merry Xmas....ok...
    ENJOY your Christmas month...Ta-Ta.

    - God Bless....# ;

    Tuesday, December 25, 2007

    Title : Christmas At Home

    Christmas with the Kranks
    This is a very funny movie to watch for christmas
    It's about Luther Krank is fed up with the commerciality of Christmas; he decides to skip the holiday and go on a vacation with his wife instead. But when his daughter decides at the last minute to come home, he must put together a holiday celebration.
    Last night I've watched the best movie ever on christmas.enjoy ya...and GOD BLESS

    - God Bless....# ;

    Monday, December 24, 2007

    Title : Christmas Eve DAY OUT
    Went to Mid valley to check out the christmas decorations.....wow, there was crowded with many people. Phew finally i manage to snap a picture or two among many people

    snap : The beautiful decorations

    and snap : santa ?? nah no such thing...

    and Snap......

    such cute decoration ball in THE GARDENS

    a hole in the well or ......???

    check this out in THE GARDENS.This is a small shop in the middle of where people sit on those big big couch to rest their tired legs.
    THE GARDENS is a very high class place where u shop till you drop and when you gets tired you will be able to get some rest at the big big couches in the middle of the decorations.Wow nice idea there.
    Good Joy THE GARDENS !!

    wow look at the price tag ?? I think this is a imported chocolate made into cute little little wine bottles.RM84.99 wow...I wouldn't buy that.anyways.....

    - God Bless....# ;

    Saturday, December 22, 2007

    Title : Christmas celebration
    Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year.Well,last night I just celebrated christmas in our youth service.We have games(organize by me)-line up and guess the song....pity me because I have to sing,out of tune somemore.Then we have buffet dinner.Lastly exchange gifts.I've got a hairband for christmas.

    pretending to be a in charge of P.A system

    manage to take picture with my cutie baby qiqi

    Well today our church celebrated christmas and we dancers were so nervous about our dance.Firstly we did not practice in church before the 'play' started.Secondly,...erm...it was no second i think...i just created it.Well it was so messy at that time....but finally it all ended and praise God that we manage to smile that saves the day.But Ps. David said 'no nice'...so sad...well we dance for God not for man right? We manage to snap some picture during our make up.

    snap by my sis. in our 'make up' room

    on the way(at the stairs)

    during dancing....

    and dancing.....

    Ops...here's the choir team...saw my sis..there and my bro...? ?

    here's where the 3 shepherds come to visit baby Jesus...following the star...

    victor : Merry Christmas !
    All : Merry Christmas !
    Victor : Xing dan kuai le
    All : Xing Dan Kuai le
    Victor : and a......Happy New Year
    All : Happi New Year....Yeah.....
    WEll thank God that it's finally over...and i could take some nap and praise God that everything goes smoothly.That's all hope you guys who read my blog could turn up too...sign out....

    lastly muack my baby Qiqi...ain't she cute >< video video

    - God Bless....# ;

    Friday, December 21, 2007

    TiTle : What is Christmas ?

    What does Christmas mean to you.Santa Claus?Christmas tree?Presents,Candy canes?Well,that is not the real meaning of Christmas.The True meaning of Christmas is that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.Well,I don't know the actual date of Jesus' birth.So 'someone set the date on 25th dec so that people can celebrate it together around the world.Some people celebrate at home.While Christians celebrate it in the churches.Well, for me I'll be celebrating Christmas in my church(Salak South).How about yours?

    Wow.as i finish managing my links picture.I realize that there are more female friends of mine go blogging then my male friends.So what do u guys think?
    More guys o girls go blogging nowadays???

    - God Bless....# ;

    Thursday, December 20, 2007

    Title : Say Good Bye to School Life

    My hair look so messy

    Good-Bye school uniforms,school books,teachers and friends
    The last day of school is the most memorable and the happiest moment i have in school besides(meeting my best friends Cindy).I forgot which date it was...but i remembered when the day of receiving my sijil.That was when i have achieved the most so far,i got no.2 in my trial.I know I'm not from a very good class(science stram), but I'm in a can say(ok ok) class(arts stream).I've never got top 3 before in my class.Wow,I really want to thank God for all these.Now I just can't wait to get my SPM results.Well I'm gonna miss u guys....and I can't wait to start my course starting next year......Colour Haus Academy here i come.....

    - God Bless....# ;

    Wednesday, December 19, 2007

    Title : Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad
    Prospero ao y Felicedad
    Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad
    Prospero ao y Felicedad

    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    From the bottom of my heart
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    From the bottom of my heart

    Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad
    Prospero ao y Felicedad

    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    From the bottom of my heart
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas
    From the bottom of my heart

    Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad
    Prospero ao y Felicedad

    I just love this song.

    - God Bless....# ;

    Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    Title:RELIGION ? ?
    Dear Friends,

    Such a Really really gross and disgusting act!! Poor boy.... How can this happen...

    An 8 years old child was caught in a market in Iran for stealing bread
    *In the name of Islam he is being punished,his arm will be crushed by a car.He will loose forever the possibility to use his arm again.

    *Is this a religion of peace and love?

    No religion can ever justify such hideous crime ....
    Pass it on ......let the world know what is happening in the name of God and religion...

    Anyway i don't know whether if it's true of not.I've ask one of my Islam friend before.And he told me that's not true,if it's true he will not be a Islam.Anyway thanks to Lydia for sending this email to me.

    - God Bless....# ;

    Title : True Love Waits
    What does True Love waits means?It means that we will have to wait for our true love to get married and then have 'sex'.This is an act of obedience towards God that we wait till we get married then only have 'sex'.Is sex worth the wait?What do you think?Well,my answer is Yes sex is worth the wait.Thus,It is very important for me.

    Is Sex The Answer?
    Some people mistakenly believe sex is the ultimate answer to feeling cool,loved,accepted and grown up.But after having sex,those same "wants" will still be there.Sex won't fulfill those needs.
    Sex is not even the answer to love.If you are searching for something to make you feel special and loved ,there's one step you can take that will always lead you the right way

    1.Recognize that Jesus came to give you life

    2.Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins through prayer

    3.Believe that Jesus will forgive you and giv you hopeBelieve that Jesus will forgive you and giv you hope

    4.Make a personal commitment to live by the plan Jesus has for your life

    5.Say a prayer of commitment to God

    That's the 5 step that we can ensure a eternal life
    John 3:16 For God so loved the world,that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in him should not perish, but have ever lasting life.

    How to SAY NO to Sex ??
    1.Make a firm decision ahead of time...before we wind up in a pressure-filler moment.Decide well in advance that we aren't going to have sex until you are married.Otherwise,we might get caught in the moment

    2.Avoid boredom.Make sure that we plan what we are going to do whe we are out on dates so we aren't asking the question,"What should we do now?"

    3.Go out in groups.When we are around other people,we are less likely to do things that we'll later regret

    4.Put real love first.When someone starts a sentence by saying."If you love me.you'll...."then finish it by saying,'you'll respect me and not ask me to do something that's wrong for me."

    5.Get support.It's easier to make big decision when someone is there to support our convictions.The best supporter we have is God,and He will always give us the strength and wisdom to say,"NO!"

    Well,that's all I wish you guys all the best while you are following these instructions.MAY GOD BLESS U.

    - God Bless....# ;

    Title : Joan means?
    The meaning of my name ??
    Joan is mainly a female name in the English language, but a male name in French and in Catalan. It is related to the names John, Jean, Johan, Joanna, Juan, and Ivan. It comes from Latin Joanna, from Hebrew, meaning 'The Lord's grace'. The name ultimately derived from the Biblical Hebrew name יוחנן Yôḥānān, short for יהוחנן Yəhôḥānān, meaning "Yahweh is merciful".

    Joan means 'The Lord's grace',"Yahweh is merciful".
    My name means The Lord's Grace
    What's yours???Anyway i found it on the googles and I'm proud and love my name.

    - God Bless....# ;

    Title : The Relationship Pattern
    What makes a relationship last forever??


    -get to know someones when you first meet him/her
    -example:what's his/her name?job?hobby?and so on

    -get to know a little bit more about him/her,such as phone calls...etc

    -hangout with friends that we are comfortable with.

    -telling secrets
    -share your feelings
    -trust him/her

    These Pattern will surely ensure you to have a great longlasting relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend,best friends,and wife/husband
    This pattern was taught by my BK teacher.In fact, on this earth we are living we only have 5 best friends that we are able to share our feelings,secrets and are intimate with.

    - God Bless....# ;

    Monday, December 17, 2007

    Title : Asian Idol

    OMG I can't believe that (Hady Mirza) Singapore Idol won the Asian Idol....
    Singapore is the least that I expected to win the title "ASIAN IDOL".My opinion was that the 3 women from Vietnam Idol,Philipines Idol and Malaysian Idol and even Indonesian Idol has the opportunity to win the

    'ASIAN IDOL' but it end up Singapore is the winner...
    I really hope Jaclyn Victor wins too....in the end it all depends on the votes....
    I still can't believe why they voted Singapore as a Winner.Maybe he won because of his looks but not his voice.I think the Mike from InDonesia has a nice voice.Anyway,there were so little contestant such as Indonesia,Malaysia,Vietnam,Philipine,Singapore and India.Where is Japan and China??Are they not asian country?Maybe they do not have China Idol and Japan Idol.Who Knows.WEll all the best to the winner of the 'Asian Idol 2007'.I Hope that Jaclyn will win in the next 'Asian Idol 2008'.ALL THE BEST JAC.MAY GOD BLESS U

    - God Bless....# ;

    Sunday, December 16, 2007

    Title : Christmas Practise
    16/12/07-Wow we were so exhausted after our christmas full dress rehersal.Thank God Finally we manage to finish it before 6pm....I know i did badly but i will do my best on the 23rd of christmas celebration.We took some picture during the rehersal and I had alot of fun serving as a dancer in my church.My 'Dai Ka Jie' and my brother was involve in the choir team while me and my younger sister was serving as dancers.I pray that i did not embarrased myself during chritmas day.Come and wait upon the Lord on the 23rd of december 2007 and welcome you guys to come to my church christmas celebration.GOD BLESS U.

    Me act as a drummer

    Me and Mui

    Me and Mich

    KAryn and Me

    Me and Kar Yee

    Just love this Picture

    Angels ??

    - God Bless....# ;