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Name : JOan<
Age : Eighteen
Birthdate : 5th September 1990
Place : Toronto, Canada
School: Bayview Secondary School
Work : Mc Donald, Bayview - Part Time
Friendster : joan@apple.com

Deviantart : applejoan.deviantart.com
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Youtube : www.youtube.com/QQBabyJOan
Hobbies : On9-blog,msn,Playing Volleyball,watching tv,read anime comics....
SDO nicknames : [Apple]^Pie^,[DJ]-Apple,[sGs]-JOanShit
My Website : http://joancaonline.blogspot.com

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    Monday, July 21, 2008

    Title : Went Fishing
    Went to Outdoor World and bought a box of ' WORMS'

    A box of 'WORMS'. I can't believe i hold 'it'.

    It was raining so heavily and it's cold
    My first catch
    casting the rod

    - God Bless....# ;

    Saturday, July 12, 2008

    Title : Walking to the Library

    On the way we saw beautiful gardens

    So green ><

    lovely daisy
    we are in the town of Markham(GTA)

    - God Bless....# ;

    Thursday, July 10, 2008

    Title: Shopping

    Went to the Promenade Mall and shop but i don't have any $$$.I like 'Urban-Planet',Old Navy and Payless ShoeSource.It's so cool cause i can finally shop for shoes of my size.Guess what they have such big sizes here......and it's so cheap.....but i don't have a job yet.It's SUMMER SALE!!How cool was that!!!

    and the bikini's here is $20.....In Old Navy(a branded shop)

    It's on sale $34

    More shits here...I mean shit soft toy

    And Durians ><>
    Well I think I'm going back to high school after summer(September). lolx.....and i need to 're-study' again???And there are so many food supplies here like meat,cheese, crackers,snack,gummys,chocolate and more snacks......wow I'm getting fatter and fatter >< lolx

    - God Bless....# ;

    Sunday, July 6, 2008

    Title : CanadaKLIA Airport
    Around the neighbourhood
    What a beautiful house ><
    Went for Cycling
    OMG we need to wear helmets here.It's a must><.
    Canada's Pizza made by my aunt yummy ><(better than mine)

    PS:Ps. Gideon
    I got your message in MY mui's blog and there's not much for me to blog here....well u can just checkout my jie's new blog http://karumen-chan.blogspot.com.

    I Miss Malaysia now.......><

    - God Bless....# ;