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Name : JOan<
Age : Eighteen
Birthdate : 5th September 1990
Place : Toronto, Canada
School: Bayview Secondary School
Work : Mc Donald, Bayview - Part Time
Friendster : joan@apple.com

Deviantart : applejoan.deviantart.com
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Youtube : www.youtube.com/QQBabyJOan
Hobbies : On9-blog,msn,Playing Volleyball,watching tv,read anime comics....
SDO nicknames : [Apple]^Pie^,[DJ]-Apple,[sGs]-JOanShit
My Website : http://joancaonline.blogspot.com

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    Thursday, February 28, 2008

    Title : New Highlights

    Before going to saloon

    My new highlights

    1 week holiday for me....Yeah,but it's kinda boring....

    - God Bless....# ;

    Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    Title: Charity

    Today 2pm went to a Orphanage called Pure Life in Jalan Puchong...I've been there ones when I went to do my moral project during the school days...
    There were many indians and I just saw 2 chinese boys...I got to cut 6 persons hair for free...of cause charity ma....I wish that I could do the hair shows one day.
    They had no other choice but to cut it very very short cause they are still schooling...Pity them....It was good that I gain this experiance and I hope that God will bless the orphanage people.Thank God that I had parents to take care of me.>< Praise God.

    - God Bless....# ;

    Tuesday, February 26, 2008

    Title : Dad's B'day

    24/2 Sunday was my dad's b'day and my mum made Him a Chocolate Cheese Cake on the Saturday
    Yummy choc cheese cake.

    I made a card for my dad
    At night we went to HOHO restoran steamboat to celebrate dad's b'day.The place was crowded with many people.

    Before going to saloon

    Some of my pic that I took yesterday.
    saw my hair?
    zhu zhu>< behind the scene.....or curtain....


    My Hair product...Styling Gel,Oil and Treatment Mask

    - God Bless....# ;

    Saturday, February 23, 2008

    Title : Magazines Cover

    - God Bless....# ;

    Friday, February 22, 2008

    Hot Body?

    Part 2?

    - God Bless....# ;

    Title : New Dancing Pad
    Praise God I got myself a new dancing pad because the old one was spoiled.Now I can do exercise at home everyday.Yeah,no more Fatty JOan

    Finally my friend send it to me from his phone throughh joyceln.

    Me in the saloon.i took this pic myself by LEO's phone cause he don't lnow how to take pic

    - God Bless....# ;

    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    My Friend MIA....a sabahan that works in the saloon known as shampoo girl where I'm studying.Camwhore with her abit la.she has long eyelashes.

    Pretty ler??


    Out for lunch waiting for Xiao Lian to do her costomer's hair....why so long 1
    my friend ah fun here was so hungry....(she doesn't like to take pix)

    while waiting....camwhore first

    That was Leo(my stylist) with his customer.He style my hair today.Check this out
    Love it!!!saw the colour??

    Can you imagine how many clips he had to clip?24 altogether.My hair was thick.

    I'm going for a date and I had a wedding dinner to attend....nah.....Ah Fun and Leo said that I could be a prostitute in from of the saloon with my skirt shorter....How bad....And MIA is the prostitude from the back of the saloon.....Mean LEO(my stylist)

    All the camera's on me.Ah Fun's Pick Wah's and Leo's
    MIA tutoring a new student on how to was a hair.

    New student named (Pick Wah...Pick the wah)learning how to wash hair.she loves green.She learn faster then me. ><

    - God Bless....# ;